Daniel’s Secret by Jose Salas

A Truth That Will Transform Your Life…

This is such an encouraging work. Daniel’s Secret is not geared towards any particular belief allowing it to be read by anyone. The reader will find an extensive and well-documented explanation on topics such as:

  • The secret and it’s varying manifestations in different cultures.
  • Daniel’s political rise in Babylon because of his virtues and revelations that he received from God.
  • The significance and importance of kneeling down.
  • How Daniel prayed and the attitude that accompanied his prayer.

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Our goal is to merge a million intercessors across America, from Argentina to Canada.

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Very soon we will also hve different articles based on:
"I AM DANIEL 6:10"

Our vision

To make Daniel's Secret the most practiced habit.

Our mission

To take the message of Daniel's Secret to all nations so that every knee bows before God.
(Isaiah 45:23 and Philippians 2:9-11)

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Daniel's Secret is a revelation that is transforming lives. Every man and woman that is putting it into practice is seeing wonders in their marriage, their family, their finances and in every aspect of their life.

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